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Journal entries from 2001

1.  A lady calls me at the Hayward library asking for symptoms of nerve gas exposure.  Apparently a year and a half ago she was “gassed”.  She thinks gas because she heard walls rumble.  She’s been farting ever since.  Lately she’s been having panic attacks that end when she starts farting.

2.  A barefoot and drunk woman sits next to me on a bench.  I can feel her looking at me.  I’m reading despite her distraction.  From somewhere a man yells at her to “shut your legs” and she does so quickly.

3.  Sitting at the Brown Jug in the middle of a Libra party.  “Hey, I’m a LIbra too” I said to myself upon entering.  Two drinks into the party, consecutively, a woman spittles on me while asking if I want a date (she needs money) and a gay guy looks me up and down and says “I’m going to get you.  I always get what I want.”  I also talked to a Merchant Marine there that night.